Company Profile

Gas Smart is a joint venture company, created by the two founding partners with over 40 years’ experience in design and manufacture in the electronics sector.

The company’s mission is to offer innovative and competitive systems that have not been previously developed or marketed. We offer our customers choice and competitively priced products and services.

Our range of products can be used in both domestic and commercial applications and are designed to meet the growing consumer need to monitor the amount of gas in cylinders.

Gas Smart was founded on the creation of products that fit a niche market. Our company is socially aware and strives to create products that save energy and create a benefit for end users that goes beyond the initial use.

We ensure that profitability is always at the front of business considerations and that the growth of the company can be sustained by the introduction of both horizontal and vertical product integration.

Gas Smart Pty Ltd has IP that covers the features that users of gas bottles have been unable to get until now.