Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Free Stuff?

We have offers available on our website.

I lost my owner’s manual. Can I get another one?

The manual can be found on our website. Also if you have a smart phone you can scan the QR code on the back of the hand piece.

Can I get a schematic of my Gas Smart Monitor?

Our units are sealed at the factory. Any tampering will void the warranty.

How do I get replacement parts for my Gas Smart Monitor?

If your unit is broken and under warranty we will replace it free of charge.

How can I protect my Gas Smart Monitor?

Keep the unit out of direct sunlight and avoid exposure to heat.

How do I set up my Gas Smart Monitor?

There is an instruction manual provided on our website.

What maintenance should I perform on my Gas Smart Monitor? How often should I do it?

The only maintenance required is to change the batteries when the unit indicates to do so.

I’m worried about damaging my Gas Smart Monitor. How can I avoid that?

Place the gas bottle on the unit (DO NOT DROP) do not place objects other than gas bottles that have been designed for your model.

I want to store my Gas Smart Monitor for an extended period of time. What do I need to know?

If the unit is to be stored for more than 12 months remove the batteries.

Do I have to register or fill in any forms?

No however if you do register you will get a further 6 months warranty for free.

Who is your main point of contact?

We have a contact page on our website, please choose the appropriate area for your concern.

How secure is credit card payment through this site?

We use secure SSL websites that offer credit card and Pay Pal purchases.

What browsers can I use on this site?

Our site has been tested and works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How do I clean my Gas Smart Monitor?

The unit is water resistant. Wash with warm soapy water.

My Gas Smart Monitor does not work. What should I do?

If the unit is under warranty we will replace it free of charge.

How do I get installation instructions for my Gas Smart Monitor?

You can find the manuals on our website.

My question is not found in these FAQs. Where do I look next?

Go to our website and send us your question via the feedback section.

How much does the Gas Smart Monitor cost?

Check our product page for our latest pricing and special offers.

What powers it?

3 standard AA batteries that you can replace yourself.

Can I use it for any brand of gas bottle?

The unit has been designed for use with most gas bottles worldwide. If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is it safe for use by children?

Parental guidance is recommended.

How much weight can it support?

the maximum loading of the unit is a 9 Kg (20 Lbs) rated gas bottle exceeding the maximum weight limit may cause damage to the unit.

Does it have a warranty?

It comes with a 12 month warranty and if you register you get a further 6 months completely free.

How can I ensure I don’t overload my Gas Smart Monitor?

Only use gas bottles specified in the instruction manual for your model.

How do I dispose of a broken Gas Smart Monitor?

The Gas Smart Monitor is recyclable. You can send it back to us or put it in the recycling bin. (Remove Batteries first)

What are my payment options?

Check our product page for payment options.

What is the cost of Delivery?

Check our product page for special offers.

Where can you deliver to?

We will deliver to any St Address or post office box that can be accessed by normal mail delivery systems.

Can I pick up my order?

All orders made online will be delivered to the supplied address. However our units will be available in selected hardware stores.

Do you have a lay buy option?

See our product page for payment options.

What is Gas Smart’s online refund policy?

If you are un happy with our product we will provide a full refund.

what colour can I get it in?

Our current models are only available in standard colours. Check our product page for updates on colour schemes.

is it waterproof?

It is water resistant but not designed for use under water.

do I have to calibrate it?

It comes calibrated from the factory for various weights of bottles.

what makes Gas Smart Monitor better than other brands?

Not only does it weigh the gas in the bottle it provides you with a reading of how much time you have left to cook.

What surfaces can I use it on?

it is designed to be used on a flat level surface which includes grass, sand, dirt, and cement.

How do I change the weight and time settings on my Gas Smart Monitor?

Hold the on button for 3 seconds when first turning the unit on. Choose Kgs/Lbs first then use the weight button to scroll through the list of sizes. Choose the size of your bottle then press the on button to save your weight/size settings.

Can I buy a Gas Smart Monitor in stores?

It will be available at selected stores in 2013.